Ramon Allones

Ramon Allones
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Ramon Allones Cigars - Royal Habanos

Ramon Allones is a very exquisite pre-revolutionary cigar brand that was founded in Cuba in 1845. The brand started from the passion for quality tobacco and perfectly made cigars. The tobacco comes from the notorious Vuelta Abajo region, an area in Cuba that is well-known for the rich soil and perfect humidity that make tobacco grow beautifully. The exterior shows the premium hand-made craftsmanship of the Partagas factory in Cuba. The brand is owned by Habanos SA and it is famous for delicious note palettes and impeccable exterior. The strength is medium to full and the Vuelta Abajo region gives amazing mixture of taste. The legacy and tradition that has been passed through generations shows can be felt in every cigar from Ramon Allones. The exterior packaging of the cigars shows dedication, art and beautiful design that has been developed in the long history of the brand.