Juan Lopez

Juan Lopez
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Juan Lopez Cigars - Royal Habanos

Juan Lopez is a Cuban cigar brand founded in 1876, making it a small, but powerful pre-revolutionary cigar producer. The story begins from the love for quality cigars and premium craftsmanship. The tobacco comes from the fertile land of Vuelta Abajo, a region famous for the perfect humidity and rich soil that gives amazing taste and aroma to the tobacco leaves. The exterior shows the premium work of the El Habanero factory. The cigars are fully hand-made from leaves from Vuelta Abajo. The tobacco blend and mixture can spark the perfect love story between the smoker and the cigar. The balance of taste and strength makes this cigar elegant and tasty, showing the long experience and tradition of the Cuban cigars. The selection is quite limited but all the cigars guarantee premium craftsmanship and an excellent taste for any smoker. The packaging is very elegant and shows the elegance and exquisite Cuban cigar tradition.