About Me

Hi and thanks for taking the time to look at my blog. My name is Sean and I am a big fan of Cuban cigars. I was born in Hong Kong and spent my childhood and teenage years traveling around the world with my American mother and Hong Kong father who worked in the diplomatic service.

After university where I majored in chemistry, I traveled some more working mostly in the oil industry. It was an exciting but fairly exhausting life. And I saw so many people in that industry just burn out after a few years.

When one of my colleagues told me he was giving it up to set up a new venture importing all kinds of products and accessories for the discerning smoker I couldn’t help feeling a bit envious. So, I when he suggested that I be his business partner I was totally surprised – to be honest, I knew nothing about business and at that time even less about cigars. But there was a guy who had faith in me.

I soon learned all that I needed to know to make a successful business. Along the way, I have acquired a taste for best quality Cuban cigars. After all, I had to find out what all the fuss was about. Although I have never become a regular smoker, they are still one of my favorite treats for a special occasion.

I would describe myself as a discerning smoker and because of that like to share the finer points of cigar smoking through my blog. I find that it is the perfect way to engage with the many enthusiasts who also enjoy best quality Cuban cigars.

I do hope that you enjoy reading and find lots of helpful tips and information here.

Thanks again for reading,