About Us

RoyalHabanos, with a name like that we have to be the premier online purveyor of quality Cuban cigars at prices and service levels that will have you return for more. It was established in 2004 as a cigar distributer and in the following year, due to popular foreign demand, the online business was born.

RoyalHabanos guarantees delivery, world-wide, of its 100% authentic Cuban cigars. The Cuban pride it this iconic export is exuded through all aspects of the business.

Our cigar range is extensive covering over 20 brands and in a variety of pack options allowing you to order exactly what you want regardless whether you are a first time smoker looking to test a brand or an experienced connoisseur wanting a value for money bulk purchase of his favorite cigar.

Already almost two decades in the business and going stronger than ever in itself is a fair indicator that we are a business of integrity and pride in what we do. In addition to this all our cigars are 100% Cuban produced from the finest Cuban tobacco and follow the strict quality control measures as set by the Government. This insures that all our cigars are one hundred percent authentic Cuban and of the best quality.

Authenticity which you can verify in the official Habanos website by inputting the unique 12 digit barcode you can see at the authenticity seal with a hologram on it.

Aside from these, we also deliver sealed boxes of tobacco products worldwide from the country of Switzerland. Once we received your orders and processed it, we will deliver between 15 to 30 days and we will provide you a tracking number for locating easily your packages. Although our prices are more competetive comparably than traditional tobacco stores, we do not sacrifice the freshness of our cigars, that are kept under strict temperature and humidity conditions.

All your personal information are secured when you use our website. We have an online payment system that is aligned with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

You may send an email to us at [email protected] and our customer support team will be happily available to provide utmost customer service in answering your questions.